How to Make a Delectable Homemade Hummus

An RD shares her foolproof method for making healthy hummus at home, plus her favorite ways to pump up the volume for maximum flavor!
plate of vegetables with hummus

Hummus is one of my go-to foods for a reason. A Middle Eastern dish made from chickpea (aka garbanzo beans, aka chi chi beans), hummus is loaded with protein and filled with fiber. It is versatile as a dip, sandwich spread, or ingredient for creamy, crispy falafel. The main ingredients, chickpeas and tahini, are also great for elevating other flavors so hummus can be as mild or bold as you like.

Hummus is readily available at most grocery and big-box stores, and in a wide variety of flavors from smaller artisan producers. But did you know how easy (and cheap) it is to make your own hummus? Follow these simple steps to create your own creamy, dreamy, hummus recipe.

You’ll need a blender or food processor, spatula, container to store it in, 1 (15oz) can of chickpeas, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, ¼ cup tahini or sesame paste, and your choice of the mix-ins below.

How to Prepare Hummus

  1. Drain your chickpeas, but reserve about ½ cup of the can liquid, rinse the chickpeas to reduce sodium.
  2. Dump the chickpeas in the blender with reserved liquid, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and ¼ cup tahini.
  3. Blend until smooth or your desired consistency. Store in an airtight container up to a week.


Flavor it Up!

  • Garlic – a good basic add roasted garlic, garlic powder, or fresh garlic to your liking
  • Jalapeño – Slice and remove the seeds, finely chop and stir in with a spatula
  • Lemon – A hearty squeeze and zip of zest will make a bright flavor. (Mix it in with garlic or add dried dill for another take)
  • Chipotle – Add a pinch of chipotle chili powder & squeeze of lime juice
  • Everything – That seasoning blend made famous by Trader Joe’s goes great with hummus! Give a few heavy shakes and stir it in
  • Pumpkin – Stir in a tablespoon of canned pumpkin, add garlic, onion, dried sage, and a pinch ground rosemary and you’ve got Thanksgiving in a dip
  • Roasted red pepper – Blend up a few slices of roasted red pepper packed in olive oil before you make your hummus, add the ingredients to your pureed peppers and voila – a bright, beautiful, rosy-hued spread
  • Beet – Using fresh roasted beets (or canned, rinsed and drained), puree them in your blender until smooth, and then prepare your hummus as above. Add garlic, onion, pepper, and salt to taste.
  • Roasted carrot – Roasting your carrots will make them even sweeter. Let them cool, puree them and stir into your hummus base. It will be sweet with a bright orange color you can’t resist!
  • Leftover hummus- Got leftover sweet potatoes? Blend up your hummus and stir in your sweet potatoes. Leftover chicken wings? Pull ‘em apart, chop ‘em up, stir it in with some hot sauce and bleu cheese. Leftover broccoli? Chop it finely and add some shredded cheddar. The options are endless.
  • Sriracha Hummus – Can’t enough heat? Swirl in the red, spicy sauce and dip away!
  • Pizza – Swirl in some crushed tomatoes, dried oregano, dried basil, crushed red pepper flake. Dip your breadsticks in and enjoy your pizza flavor guilt-free!

All hummus will be full of protein and fiber but your mix-ins can definitely boost the flavor and nutrient profile. For example, pumpkin, carrots, and sweet potato are all loaded with beta carotene and anthocyanins, which give them their notable hue. These phytochemicals may help prevent some chronic diseases and can aid your immune system in fighting off viruses. Garlic may help boost the immune system and can support heart health. Spices and herbs have so many benefits it’s hard to list them all, but my favorite is that they make healthy food taste delicious with little added salt, sugar, or fat. Season away and enjoy all the ways you can eat hummus!

Justine Hays, MS, RD, CDN
Hi! I'm Justine Hays, a registered dietitian, and wellness writer. Food, and memories of food, shaped my life early on, so did my drive and desire to help people. After getting a B.S. in business and marketing, I found my heart wasn't totally satisfied by what I was doing. So, I went back to school and earned my Masters in Dietetics and became a registered dietitian. Working with the general public, I see how much information (and misinformation) is out there. It can be overwhelming! Understanding the facts about food, and how foods work in our bodies, helps us let go of myths and fear so we can get back to enjoying food that nourishes our bodies. That's why I believe in letting experts, like dietitians, deliver the straight answers. I can help you understand what works, what doesn't, why, and how you can make choices to live your healthiest and happiest life. I believe in a whole food approach, meaning everything in moderation. As a working mother, I don't want to spend all my time in the kitchen when there are pictures to paint, flowers to pick, and playgrounds to explore. I find ways to prepare most of my foods from scratch with a healthy dose of convenience foods to make it easier. I prep, plan, and produce (mostly) healthy and affordable meals the whole family will eat, with a sweet treat thrown in the mix for balance, and I always look for ways to get the littlest hands involved in the kitchen. For more information about me and what I do, and for ways to communicate health value with your customers, or to work with a registered dietitian for yourself, your practice, product, website, or blog, please visit and get in touch!