We connect wellness seekers with spiritual and alternative health information so they can take better care of their bodies, minds, and spirits. We help the experts and prophets of this cause connect and share their unique gifts so they can more effectively elevate our consciousness as a human race and wake this planet up to a new paradigm.


We believe in the inextinguishable power of the human spirit to alter the course of our existence for the better and that healing the mind, body, and soul of each individual will enable us to collectively raise the vibration of our planet and manifest a healthier, happier, and more loving future for all.

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Melissa Zimmerman

Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of GloWell.

After nearly a decade of wellness writing, researching, and implementing healthy habits for her own home and family, Melissa is proud to help others separate healthy-facts from fiction as Editor-in-Chief of GloWell.

Cara Steinmann

Co-founder and birth mother of Spirit Scripting™

Cara is a meditation & mindfulness instructor & creator of Spirit Scripting™, a manifestation technique that helps you discover your self-limiting beliefs and reprogram your subconscious so you can attract more love, joy, and abundance.

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