Emotional Clearing: How to Look & Feel Your Best All Year Long

Looking and feeling great is about more than diet and exercise. Learn to clear your energy and harness the fountain of youth inside yourself.

If you’re like me, looking and feeling your best is something you’ll never give up on. Even after years of spiritual practice where I’ve trained myself to be inwardly focused, rather than concerned about how the world perceives me, I still value how I look in the mirror and what I feel like when I wake up in the morning. 

When I first started my look-good, feel-good journey, I was 17 years old and desperate to lose my baby fat before college. 

So, I hit the gym, jumped on the low-fat trend, then the no-carb trend, ran miles upon miles until HIIT workouts came en vogue, and created a proven system that rocked my body and gave me a massive adrenaline high.

But as the years rolled on, the feel-good high was harder to reach, and even though my abs were still tight, my shoulders started to slump, and I couldn’t help but frown more often than I smiled. 

Disappointed, I finally had to face the music and admit I was carrying emotional baggage that was weighing me down and making me look and feel older than I really was.

Feeling defeated, I sought help from counselors, therapists, and medication. I even went so far as to find a local esthetician who froze my face on more than one occasion. But soon, I realized these were all band-aids to wounds that weren’t going away until I stepped up and healed them myself.

Having no idea what it really meant to heal, I embarked on a very complicated search for answers that would take me through the dark night of the soul. 

Basically, things got a lot worse before they got better. 

Each day I looked in the mirror, I’d see more regret, remorse, shame, and grief manifesting in my physical appearance. In addition to rapidly losing my youth, the weight of my wounds was tugging on my vibration and making me feel like a zombie.

It got to a point where life hardly seemed worth living, but I pressed on, knowing I had to revitalize myself for the sake of my young children. 

Eventually, through deep spiritual practice, I became a master of emotional clearing. I literally cleaned out my emotional body and rebuilt it with the proper infrastructure, including high emotional intelligence and loads of resilience. 

Today, I’m happy to say I feel fantastic, and I love the way I look.

I believe anyone can reverse the age they see in the mirror through emotional clearing if they commit to the process. There are countless benefits beyond just looking and feeling good.

Here are a few:

1) Increased clarity, confidence, calm, and focus.

2) Decreased physical body aches and pains from releasing the energetic imprints of your wounds.

3) Open access to divine feminine energy, which is a universal frequency- that activates heart and soul wisdom, higher intelligence, and direction.

So, how do you do it? What’s the process? 

It’s simple, actually. 

But please note that I said simple, not easy. As with any big project, emotional clearing takes time. It has to be performed over and over again until you feel that you are in the clear.

Here’s my step-by-step process, along with a couple of mainstream techniques that are really great supplements.

Step One: Surrender

The art of surrender is by far the most powerful healing tool I’ve ever come across. It simply means that- when you are triggered- you allow your emotions to flow through you without judging them or taking action upon them. 

The idea is to become the witness by taking the high-self position and simply observe what’s happening. As you allow the emotions to flow through, you move onto step two.

Step Two: Discernment

Sometimes I lump discernment in with surrender, but it’s better to keep it as a separate step when you’re starting. After you witness your emotions, you’ll want to remain in that high-self position; as the observer. 

Then you’ll want to discern: Are these emotions right for me? Or are they wrong for me? 

Here’s a visual exercise to help you relate.

Just picture yourself floating above your body and looking down. Not in a condescending way, just in a global view kind of way. 

Then, call in a team of energies to help you with the discernment process. These might be your angels and guides if you believe those things, or it could be an ancestor, family member, or friend who isn’t with you at that moment.

Think of this team as your highest knowing and be confident that it will point you in the right direction by letting you know what needs to be healed versus what might be more of a chemical issue like a flare in hormones.

Step three: Forgiveness

This is by far the most important step in emotional clearing, but it’s hard to do without surrender and discernment. The fact is, we’ve all been hurt on multiple levels, but that doesn’t mean holding onto the energy of pain caused by others is justified. 

Another thing to note is that sometimes we have to forgive ourselves too.

Here’s a list of supplemental practices you might use to make your journey of emotional clearing easier. 

Sound therapy such as singing bowls, chanting, drumming, singing, and even a good old fashion youtube meditation. All of these can help bring you back to a still point where healing is more likely than in states of mental and emotional havoc.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as tapping. This is a healing method where you tap onto meridian points of the body to restore balance and harmony. This is a great technique if you really spend time mastering it.

Visualization and guided imagery. Both of these practices are amazing for shifting mental and emotional body focus. However, to be very successful, you have to practice them relentlessly to shift neural networks in your brain for long-term success.

If you’re really stuck, you can use past life regression which attempts to use hypnosis to uncover memories from previous lifetimes that may still be lodged in the energy body.

Wherever you are on your look-good feel-good journey, remember this: You’re beautiful, you’re worthy of your healing, and you are loved.

Lisa Roulette
Lisa is a life coach and strategist for women who want to heal and be successful in business, life, and love. She helps women put the pieces of their life puzzle together and create a beautiful picture out of it all by teaching them self-awareness, self-healing techniques, and how to intentionally manifest the things they desire. Lisa is also a Reiki Master which enables her to read and receive Insight from her client's energy field. This allows for intuitive coaching and a greater connection between her and her client. For more information please visit her website at www.lisaroulette.com.