The Wonderful Benefits of Make-Believe

Take some time to daydream and spark your imagination!
make believe is magic

Do you remember daydreaming as a young child? Every moment was a chance to create an entire world and go on any adventure you could imagine.

Are you doing the same as an adult?

Imagination is Important

Inventions, without imagination, wouldn’t exist.

To create something, we first visualize it in our minds.  This is impossible without the ability to make-believe. The beauty of daydreaming is the incredible and fascinating conclusions that seemingly arise when we least expect it.

There’s no limit to the imagination.

As adults, there’s far too much pressure to ‘grow up’ and put concrete dimensions to your identity.

As we experience life events, take on more responsibility, and become more serious, daily schedules leave little room for those daydreaming hours.

The only boundaries to these limitless imaginings are mostly self-imposed. As beings, we’re not static. We’re dynamic and fluid, with dreams and aspirations that change as we grow and evolve.

What you wanted at six years old won’t be the same thing you want at 60.

Becoming an adult isn’t an easy feat at the best of times, but that doesn’t mean the inner child is lost.

Choose to acknowledge, listen to and allow that inner child tucked away in some corner of ourselves to loosen up a bit, take some time to daydream, and begin to explore the creative power of the imagination.