Are You Ready for a Spring Wellness Reboot?

Spring is here and its a great time for a spring wellness reboot! Find out how you can use the changing of the season to reboot your health.
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With Springtime here and the warmer temps just around the corner, we have a wonderful opportunity to align with the rhythms of nature.

Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth, and buds forming. It’s a time of the sunrise of taking one’s ideas that have been percolating and bringing them into form. It’s a time to slough off, dust off and purify with the melting waters that are flowing in the Spring.

It’s the perfect time for a Spring Wellness Reboot.

What is a Wellness Reboot?

When you think about a spring clean or reboot, you may imagine a deep clean of your home, uncluttering closets, or even trying a detox of fast.

When I think about a reboot, it’s a “whole being” kind of thing. I look at life holistically. So for me, a reboot can mean:

  • Taking inventory of beliefs and letting go of old ones that aren’t serving my highest wellbeing
  • Taking an inventory of my energy and happiness levels… Do I feel open or shut down? Perhaps protective and cautious or welcoming, a desire to share, be generous or feeling depleted?
  • Changing a point of view…There are so many ways to look at our life situations. I like to consider a different point of view that supports my heart, health and happiness rather than living by “should”
  • Creating new routines that support my holistic wellness

Here are some other ways to support your Spring Wellness Reboot.

Tune into Biorhythms for More Balance

In nature, everything is cyclical and has rhythm. Think of the seasons, sunrise and sunset, the ebb and flow of the ocean, the movement of the planets.

Human beings also have cycles: our heartbeat, our sleeping and eating patterns, hormonal changes, etc. Often our biorhythms get interrupted by the business of our life. We don’t get enough sleep, eat at odd hours, too much, too little, etc. We lose track of our natural flow, causing irritation, exhaustion, and mood swings.

Living harmoniously with one’s biorhythms is also very grounding. To help my whole being ground and connect to nature, one of my favorite practices is Earthing. Simply walk barefoot or lie down on the soft earth. Breathe deep and surrender.

Create a Home Routine

Creating a schedule or routine at home helps to create balance in our lives and eliminate overwhelm.

  • Establish a bedtime and wake up time that gives you the hours of necessary sleep for you to feel rested
  • Daily stretching/ exercise routine
  • Meditation
  • Drink enough water
  • Plan your day in the AM
  • Eat a balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Go for a walk
  • Spend time with loved ones
  • Create Soul-nourishing relationships
  • Include pleasurable activities in your day
  • Find your Creative outlets (Do you enjoy music, dance, art, writing, gardening, sewing, crafts, etc.?) There are abundant ways to create alone or with others. Make a list and start creating!

Create a Sacred Space

Do you have a space in your home that nourishes your soul, free of distraction, clutter & noise? If not, it’s time to create a sacred space of your own. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you carve out your own sacred space:

  • What qualities would support your soul-essence?
  • What is most important to have in the room?
  • What should not be in the room?
  • How can you create a beautiful space that feeds your soul?

Create Routines at Work

Even your work routine can benefit from some self-care moments, or as I like to call them, “Moments of Grace.” Build the moments into your schedule so you don’t forget to:

  • Breathe: take conscious deep breaths throughout the day
  • Stretch: get up from your desk and move!
  • Get fresh air: take a 10-minute power walk
  • Earthing: walk outside on the soft earth barefoot
  • Lay flat on your back and breathe for 10 minutes
  • Set water reminders: make sure you are drinking throughout the day

What one routine can you put in place that would improve your life the most?

Make your Health a Priority

If you ignore, ‘don’t have time’ or neglect your physical body, your quality of life will suffer.

How can you enjoy life and feel vital and well if you don’t take care of yourself?

All parts of the body need regular attention. There isn’t an automatic maintenance system pre-installed. Dental, eyes, spine, skin, digestive system (which includes proper nutrition), sexual organs, muscles & all other organs are all part of basic body care. Even getting a haircut, massage, and a facial. Listen to your body.

But don’t stop there.

Your emotional and spiritual wellness is also critical to your wellbeing.

Where do you feel safe to express yourself?

Where can you be supported in living in your integrity rather than drama or perpetuating old belief patterns of doubt, shame, and guilt?

Determine what spiritual practice restores energy, faith, or connection with your divinity?

There are so many ways to reboot one’s life. I recommend choosing a few of the ideas that inspire you and make the shift one step at a time.

Happy Spring!!


Grace Ventura was born with a passion for wellness and the desire to help others heal and live healthy lives. Grace is a wellness coach, health professional, mother, and creator of Grace’s Goodness Organics – a line of vegetable broths with wellness herbs that are delicious, nutritious, and convenient.

Grace Ventura
Grace Ventura was born with a passion for wellness and the desire to help others heal and live healthy lives. With over 35 years of experience as a wellness coach, health professional and mother of 6 grown children, Grace finds fulfillment in empowering others to take control of their health. Following her heart, Grace was inspired to develop a line of organic vegetable broths with wellness herbs. Her vision, to develop products that nourish you anytime, anywhere, was born with the Grace’s Goodness Organics - a line of broths that are delicious, nutritious, and convenient. Shop at