High Protein Salad Recipes for Summer

Discover these high protein salad recipes perfect for summer meal prep, backyard BBQs, and easy weeknight meals.
High Protein Salad Recipes for Summer. Find a bevy of recipes perfect for summer time.
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Summer is salad season! We’ve rounded up a bevy of nutritious and delicious summer salad recipes that celebrate the bounty of the season with fresh vegetables and clean ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a protein-packed salad that you can meal-prep for the week ahead, the perfect side dish to take to a backyard BBQ, or an entree-worthy salad that can take center stage, these summer salad recipes are sure to satisfy.

Whole30 Italian Chopped Salad

Whole-30, Keto, High-Protein, Paleo, Clean Eating, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free

Looking for an easy salad that will impress a crowd? Look no further than this delectable Whole30 Italian Chopped Salad. It’s a breeze to put together, requires no cooking, and packs a powerful nutritional punch.

This Italian Chopped Salad is not only Whole30-compliant (gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free), but it’s also nut-free.

Whole30 Italian Chopped Salad
Photo courtesy of Whole30.com

It’s a versatile option that can be enjoyed as a satisfying weeknight dinner or as a fantastic side dish for potlucks or BBQs. We love how accessible and budget-friendly this salad is, with all the ingredients readily available at your local grocery store or delivered from Thrive Market.

It all starts with a finely chopped romaine lettuce foundation, staying true to the classic chopped salad style. Then, the flavors come alive with a variety of delightful additions: quartered cherry or grape tomatoes, diced cucumber, finely chopped green bell pepper, slivers of red onion, drained sliced black olives, sliced pepperoncini peppers, fresh basil leaves, and your choice of Whole 30-compatible deli meat such as ham, prosciutto, salami, or pepperoni. Serve it with your favorite compatible Italian salad dressing, add salt or garlic salt to taste, and enjoy this delightful creation immediately. Get ready for a burst of Italian flavors in every bite!

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Whole30 Chicken Chopped Salad with Cilantro Mango Dressing

Whole-30, Keto, Paleo, Clean Eating, Gluten-Free

This Whole30 Chicken Chopped Salad with Cilantro Mango Dressing is a delightful and hassle-free recipe with major summer vibes. Packed with protein-rich tender chicken and overflowing with healthy veggies like crunchy cabbage, refreshing cucumbers, vibrant bell peppers, and juicy mango, it’s a healthy dish that tastes like a tropical vacation. (We used pre-cooked rotisserie chicken to make prep even faster.)

Whole30 Mango Chopped Salad

This salad is elevated to a whole new level with the addition of a creamy, tangy, and oh-so-refreshing cilantro mango dressing. (We topped this salad with organic raw cashews and organic pumpkin seeds to add even more satisfying crunch and nutritional benefits to this power-packed dish.)

Whether you’re hosting a picnic, planning a get-together, or simply seeking a quick and healthy lunch option, this salad is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. The ingredients will refrigerate well, making the Mango Chopped Salad perfect for meal prepping ahead of a busy week.

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Keto Shrimp Avocado Salad

Keto, Paleo, Whole-30, Low-Carb, Gluten-Free

Get ready for a healthy and flavorful feast with this easy Shrimp Avocado Salad with Tomatoes. Packed with the freshest ingredients, this salad is a winner in both taste and nutrition. This Keto Shrimp Avocado Salad combines succulent shrimp, creamy avocado, juicy cherry tomatoes, zesty red onion, and freshly chopped cilantro.

Shrimp avocado salad from EatWell 101
Photo courtesy of EatWell 101

Tossed with a delightful blend of tangy lime juice and a touch of olive oil, every bite of this shrimp avocado salad is bursting with goodness. This recipe starts with quickly-seared shrimp, which you can prepare ahead of time for even faster assembly.

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Curried Chickpea Avocado Salad

Vegan, Vegetarian, Clean Eating

A versatile plant-based dish can be enjoyed as a stand-alone salad, wrapped up in lettuce cups, or used as a filling for a hearty and nutritious sandwich.  This Curried Chickpea Avocado Salad delivers if you’re looking for a plant-based alternative to a chicken salad.

This is no boring salad: curry powder adds a depth of flavor that will knock your socks off. Avocado lends creaminess to this mayo-free version, while carrots, almonds, and red onion provide a satisfying crunch.

Curried Chickpea Avocado Salad Recipe
Photo courtesy of WellVegan.com

Chickpeas are the star of this summer salad. This high-protein legume (also known as garbanzo beans) has a nutty taste, and grainy texture, and is a rich source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. This plant-based salad offers 7.9g of protein in every serving!

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Taco Chicken Salad with Creamy Cilantro Lime Dressing

Keto, Paleo, Whole-30, Clean Eating, Gluten-Free

This Taco Chicken Salad with Creamy Cilantro Lime Dressing is a flavorful twist on the classic chicken salad. This healthy and flavorful dish is gluten-free, paleo-friendly, and made for easy meal prep. Prepare yourself for a taste sensation as this salad bursts with tender and juicy chicken infused with irresistible taco flavors, complimented with a creamy cilantro lime dressing that takes this salad to the next level.

Taco Chicken Salad Recipe
Photo courtesy of EatWell101.com

Fresh and crisp produce like romaine lettuce, diced avocado, tomatoes, and red onion add some filling fiber to this dish. Simple to assemble and great for meal prep, it’s a satisfying lunch or dinner that can be prepared in advance. Don’t wait for Taco Tuesday to make this summer salad!

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Lentil and Wild Rice Salad with Summer Vegetables

Vegan, Vegetarian, Clean Eating

Get ready for the official vegan summer salad of summer: a sensational plant-based Lentil and Wild Rice Salad with Summer Vegetables. It’s the perfect choice for a filling lunch or dinner during the warm summer months.

Hearty kale, lentils, and wild rice stay fresh and delicious so you can meal prep, prepare it for your next summer swim party, or avoid cooking on a warm summer evening.  The beauty of this salad lies in its versatility, as you can easily adapt it to include whatever vegetables you have on hand or growing in your garden. Swap the yellow squash for zucchini or any other summer squashes, and let your creativity shine.

Lentil Wild Rice Summer Salad
Photo courtesy of WellVegan.com

Aside from the rice cooking time, this salad comes together quickly with minimal cleanup. Using steamed or precooked lentils can save you even more time. Whether enjoyed slightly warm or chilled, this recipe promises a burst of flavors. The Thyme Balsamic Dressing adds the perfect finishing touch, effortlessly combining fresh thyme with pantry staples like balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, and maple syrup.

This Lentil and Wild Rice Salad with Summer Vegetables is sure to become your go-to salad of the season. Its simplicity, vibrant flavors, and make-ahead convenience make it a delightful addition to your summer menu. Celebrate the abundance of summer produce and enjoy the wholesome goodness this salad brings to your table.

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Chili-Rubbed Flank Steak Salad

Keto, Whole-30, Paleo, Clean Eating, Gluten-Free

Elevate your steak into a nutritious and vibrant meal with this delectable Chili-Rubbed Flank Steak Salad recipe. Inspired by Southwest flavors, this hearty dish combines perfectly seasoned steak with a refreshing salad that will leave your taste buds craving more.

Chile Rubbed Steak Salad Summer Salad Recipes
Photo courtesy of EatingWell.com

It’s a satisfying and protein-packed dish with an impressive 36g of protein per serving. The marinade features an unexpected ingredient: unsweetened cocoa powder! You could also use raw cacao powder, a superfood that’s an amazing source of antioxidants and magnesium.

This salad requires marinating and grilling steak before assembly. Make prep time easier by pulling together the creamy and tangy Greek yogurt-based dressing ahead of time. Summer-fresh produce such as chopped romaine lettuce, thawed corn kernels, black beans, bell pepper, and red onion is combined with crumbled feta cheese, chopped fresh cilantro, and pepitas (pumpkin seeds) for a flavorful, crunchy dish.

It’s a harmonious blend of flavors and textures that can be enjoyed for lunch or a light dinner during those warm summer days.

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These protein-packed summer salads pack a punch: flavorful, healthy, and a celebration of summertime flavor and vibes. Which one will end up on your table this summer?

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