The ‘Big Queen Energy’ Entrepreneur Shares Her Top 4 Manifesting Tips for Attracting Success

Nicole Rosé Stillings, host of the Big Queen Energy podcast, mindset mentor, and TV personality shares her top manifestation tips for success.
Nicole Rose host of the Big Queen Energy podcast

Nicole Rosé Stillings moved to Manhattan with a dream and became a world-class DJ, podcaster, mindset mentor & TV personality on HBO Max’s The Big Shot with Bethenny. Nicole’s mission is to use her entrepreneurial experience in building a six-figure business to empower the next generation of badass women by optimizing their mindsets and morning routines with her Queens of Creation mentorship and the Big Queen Energy podcast.

When Nicole began her entrepreneurial journey, Bethenny Frankel, the self-made entrepreneur, influencer, and founder of the Skinny Girl lifestyle brand, was a big inspiration.

“She was the first non-traditional entrepreneur I ever saw,” recalls Nicole.

“I come from a family of doctors and it seemed to me like you could be a doctor, you could be a lawyer, you could be an accountant, and that was it. There weren’t people like Bethenny in St. Louis where I grew up and I had never seen anybody model a business like Skinny Girl. And so I started learning about her. I dreamed about it and I wrote about it and I tried to build a business plan around building my own influence up through Instagram, which was the tool at the time, but also potentially working on a TV project following in her footsteps and then having the ability to use that influence to sell products that truly improve women’s lives. My friends from college used to call me Minnie Bethenny because she was such a role model and inspiration to me.”

Eight years later, Nicole had a dream-come-true moment when she was invited to take part in the business competition series The Big Shot with Bethenny. Nicole joined the next generation of business moguls competing for a chance to win a spot on the Skinny Girl executive team.

For Nicole, manifesting this experience with her dream role model was about as real as it gets. While it didn’t happen overnight, Nicole was able to manifest the opportunity to learn from her role model, become an influencer, and get a role on a TV project, just as she intended.

Nicole Shares Her Top 4 Manifesting Tips for High Vibe Success

Nicole has stepped into our own shoes as a mentor and role model as the host of the Big Queen Energy podcast, where she interviews her high vibe tribe to help guide women into embracing their own “queen energy” — fearless, authentic, and magnetic.

Here are the top 4 things Nicole has learned if you want to be a magnet for success.

Listen to Your Intuition

“I think this is one of the biggest themes that came up has come up in several podcasts interviews with psychic mediums, Reiki healers, intuitives, ancestral healers, just all these different types of people, even including Bethenny. This is something that she said a lot in filming The Big Shot was, ‘you have to find a way to listen to your intuition’.

Your intuition is the best tool that you have to uncover the right direction for you. How to separate intuition from fear. So if it’s emotionally charged, it’s likely not intuition, it’s likely fear. So what’s an example of that. Let’s say your boyfriend is driving home and it’s dark outside, it’s 2:00 AM, he said he was getting home at midnight and you haven’t heard from him. If you start thinking ‘he’s been in a car accident’, that’s likely far, and not actually your intuition.

So it’s just learning how to separate emotionally charged states—like fear and anxiety—from true nuggets of information from your higher self, from God, from the universe, from whoever you personally believe in and take inspiration from.

One thing in a recent episode that we did with the Biz Bruja, she mentioned that intuition is repetitive, objective, and simple. So that objective part is what I’m explaining about how it’s not emotionally charged. It just feels neutral. It doesn’t feel like you’re being pulled in any one direction, it just feels simple and true. Like a gentle knowing. And then that repetitive piece is really important too.”

You Are a Magnet For Your Desires

“Another thing we’ve talked about recently with guests like Tiffany Cheung and Zozo Shumba and tons of other people is that our body is essentially a bunch of magnets made up of everything that we want. And no matter what it looks like, based on the law of gravity and the law of attraction you are always moving towards your goal. So it might be slower than you desire some days it might be faster other days. I’m sure we’ve all had that experience where something seems like it’s taking forever and then boom, it happens overnight. But we’re all literally magnets for our desires.

And that’s something that we talk a lot about in our mentorship program, too: how to increase that magnetism. One thing that’s come up in recent episodes is journaling and using journaling to help you speed up the process of manifestation by regularly writing out your intentions, putting energy behind your intentions, that act of putting pen to paper helps you clarify and sends a message on exactly what you want. But also you can do that through meditation and using mindfulness apps.

I’m a big meditator. April 16th was the sixth year of my father’s anniversary in heaven. So when he passed away, I was young, I was in my late twenties. And I was struggling to even get myself out of bed in the morning. I was working for myself, so I didn’t really need to be somewhere at a specific time, and meditation literally pulled me up from my bootstraps and really truly changed my life. I knew my body and I knew that this was a temporary bout of sadness and that if I could find the right tools within myself, I could heal.

I think that’s basically what our podcast and program are about. Giving women the right tools. All of these women get on the show and they’re like, ‘You have the tools within you to know the truth to access your deepest intuition, to be a magnet for everything that you want, to manifest your journaling, to use the law of attraction, to your benefit, to crush your morning routine. And here’s how.’

I feel like Big Queen Energy is about giving an individual woman or girl who is in a place in her life where she needs to get to the next level tangible tools that she can implement every single day, or try out and see what works for her, for free, to take things to the next level.”

Think Positive

“There is a ton of science behind why positive thinking works, which truly affirms the law of attraction further. Our brains are all hard-wired with a negativity bias. 80% of people’s thoughts on an average day are either neutral or slightly negative. But if you work to actively build your own mindset in the direction that you want, you can start to overcome some of it by hardwiring your brain to think positively.

It’s by figuring out how to access those altered states through meditation, affirmations, journaling, et cetera. There are so many ways that you can do it. And the exact cocktail is going to be different for different individuals. But you can actually rewire your brain. The science of neuroplasticity tells us that. You can build new neural connections in your brain by thinking positively.”

A Morning Routine is Critical

“Thinking positive thoughts and working on building those thoughts into your subconscious mind starts with having a good morning routine when your brain is in an alpha stage.

I mentioned that after my father passed, I had a hard time even getting out of bed. So I really got vigilant about building up the different components of a morning routine. I’ve changed it over the years, but right now my morning routine is, first thing when I wake up I drink a glass of water, brush my teeth, I’ll take some supplements, and then sit down to meditate for 15 to 30 minutes.

After I meditate, when my brain is still in the alpha wave, I read what I called my manifest mindset tool. This is something that we help women develop in our mentorship program. Essentially it’s a page of writing different affirmations, different mantras, goals, and dreams that I’m working on. So it’s very grounding and centering for me. When I start my day, I know exactly what opportunities fit with me, what opportunities make sense with what I’m working on, just essentially it’s like a guide for my entire life. And it helps me from the first thing in the morning to be super laser-focused on being exactly who I want to show up in the world as.

After using the mindset tool, sometimes I’ll look at my vision board, and then if I have time I might journal and then I’ll go out on a run or go to hot yoga. And then that’s kind of the end of it. I know not everybody has that amount of time every single morning. When I work with women in my mentor program, part of what I do is help them figure out their sweet spot, how they can get the optimum benefit in minimal time.”

How Nicole is Creating Queens

Like a true queen, Nicole is on a mission to help other women achieve success in their businesses and lives. She’s doing so through the Big Queen Energy podcast, where she seeks out best-selling authors, successful entrepreneurs, coaches of all kinds, and viral content creators to uncover their secrets about mindsets, success habits, & manifestation hacks to help you unlock your inner queen. It’s a woman-to-woman mentorship model to empower you on your journey. You can listen to the Big Queen Energy podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Nicole also supports women through her Queens of Creation mentorship program, a 3-month program where Nicole offers weekly check-ins and assignments along with the tools she’s developed along the way to becoming a six-figure entrepreneurial queen. Lastly, Nicole offers a free copy of her top 3 secrets for using your morning to manifest, which you can download at

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